Table is a character known for fierce fighting and his really good tactics against cyber bullying. He has worked with Hillary Clinton on multiple foreign laws like the anti-North Korean law passed in 2009. Table has even got several awards from many presidents such as George H. W. Bush in 1989 for finding the where about of Gulf War terrorist Asad Caek and got an eco-award from former vice president Al Gore. He got a really good award from Obama after he and Nailer donated a lot of money to his campaign back in 2007. But recently in 2012 he was charged with vandalism of property after he took a poop on Mitt Romney's Lawn. He was released from jail on June 2nd 2013 after a long legal battle with Table's Lawyers and Mitt Romney's Lawyers ; Table won that legal battle. Table is currently a moderator and news caster for NBC and lives in a condo in New York.